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Watch my complete drawing process as I draw this kawaii doodle

In this video, I show you my complete drawing process, as I draw this kawaii doodle step-by-step. We go from sketch to outlines to color accents. And I show you a nifty double-sided Sharpie in action!

Check it out. You will be mesmerized by the play of lines and curves. And if you like to draw, I promise you that you pick up a few drawing tricks along the way for YOUR drawings.

Specifically, notice how I use 3 kinds of outlines: thin, thick, and then medium thickness to correct and strengthen some of the lines. You can use similar style of outlines in your drawings to give them that unique “kawaii doodle” look.

Please enjoy this video. 🙂

PS: I added some red dots and accents to this doodle to remind me of Russian folk art style. I was born in Russia, so this is very close to my heart.

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Kawaii doodle by Tatyana Deniz

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Art Supplies I Used In This Video

Full disclosure: I personally own and use all of these materials. If you buy anything using my links, Amazon will pay me a small commission (no cost to you – thank you for your support). But if you prefer to shop elsewhere, no problem!

Moleskine Square Sketchbook:

Faber-Castell 2B Pencil:

Faber-Castell Kneaded Eraser:

Double Sided Sharpie:

Red Copic Marker (R29):

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