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How to draw cute and simple snowflakes step by step (VIDEO)

Would you like to decorate your bullet diary or Christmas cards with simple and cute snowflakes?

I protected you!

In this video I will show you how to draw 5 different snowflakes step by step. I also share tips and tricks to help you get a good-looking snowflake on your first try.

Cute snowflake pattern

I had fun with these snowflakes and even decided to create a repeating pattern (the patterns are something I’m currently working on, so we expect to see more cute patterns!).

You can see how a doodle turns into fabric design, iPhone cover or wallpaper.

Doodle snowflake pattern Tatyana Deniz

Let’s draw now!

Step by Step Education

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to go with the video. You can download and print. Or you can save it on your Pinterest board and share it with your friends.


How to draw simple snowflakes with Tatyana Deniz's step-by-step tutorial


Video Notes

Hello, I’m Tatyana Deniz and here to teach you to draw using the cute and simple “Kawaii” style. And even if you don’t think you are creative or you are a complete novice, to finally provide you with the skills you need to start this creative business.

I use a black felt pen (Copic Multiliner, 0.5 size). However, you can use any pen or pencil you want.

Here I will show you how to draw simple and cute doodle snowflake in 5 different ways.

Snowflake 1

[01:40] So let’s start with a basic snowflake. He has six points. We will draw a vertical line, find where the center is, and add two more lines. Like some kind of pizza – imagine you’re slicing a pizza cake. Here is one… And the other is here. It doesn’t have to be precise. This is a doodle snowflake, so it will still look cute.

And then let’s add some balls to the tips to make it cute and fun.

Now, snowflakes often have small icicles. Let’s add a few here.

This is a really simple and cute snowflake. You can use it for greeting cards. You can put it in the bullet journal. When I sign a birthday card or note, I love to draw a special decorative element and this is really cute.

Snowflake 2

[03:14] – The second type of snowflake will be a little more complicated. We will add a center decoration to it.

Again, draw a line and find the center. Slice the pizza cake into six slices.

And by the way, you can draw snowflakes with four corners or eight corners.

So let’s add decorative elements in the middle. They look like small V shapes. And then you can go ahead and add the icicles again.

Notice that the lower icicle piece is slightly larger and the upper icicle piece is slightly smaller.

Snowflake 3

[04:12] Let’s stylize a little more now.

Again, draw a six-pointed base. And now imagine that there is a circle around the clues. If you can imagine, we will draw V-shapes upside down to indicate a crystal that goes up to the edge of the circle.

Let’s add small balls to the tips. Maybe they are small icicles. Or drops of water … In any case, they look very cute.

If you want, you can color them and stylize them more. Also, if you want, you can add more decorative elements to the center.

Snowflake 4

[05:42] – We’re going to do something crazy for the fourth. This will “put your head in.” It is for me.

But it’s really fun. Take a look at this!

Here is the six-pointed base.

Add the circles to the ends so you know what your main axis is. As if we did other icicles, but we will completely connect them. You will continue the icicle line until you have an icicle for the next device.

And then do it again.

As if you were building this cross-cross pattern. It’s like a visual puzzle.

Probably it’s really good for your brain. 🙂 Wow!

Snowflake 5

[06:38] Let’s make my favorite genre for the fifth. A little more decorative and a little more complicated.

Let’s draw a six-pointed base. Instead of putting the circles in a hint, we will put small rhombus shapes. Make a little V and another V. It is like a pointed crystal.

And then for the center, instead of making a pointed shape, just make a circle (like a flower). And then we can add icicles.

Again, you can be really fun here. And that’s a great thing to draw with kids.

Or if you are bored in a meeting 😉 and you just have to spend time … Look, you’re doing something creative!

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How to draw cute and simple snowflakes first step in Tatyana Deniz (VIDEO).


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