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FREE Coloring Page – Halloween Kawaii Doodle – Printable PDF

Get into the Halloween mood with this fun (and free) cute coloring page!

I made this kawaii doodle to celebrate Halloween 2019 with you. I hope you will like it. 🙂

To download an image, click the image (or the link below the image). FREE printable PDF This cute coloring page.

Halloween kawaii doodle coloring pageDownload the FREE coloring page (PDF)

I will not go into details about how to color it. I wanted to share this coloring page with you. 🙂

But I’ll leave a few resources below to get you started. If you’re looking for techniques, ideas and inspiration to color and shade – keep reading.

Check out the YouTube tutorials

There are many painting tutorials on YouTube (maybe one day I will add to this collection, hehe). “colored pencils techniques“Or”adult coloring“To get a few ideas.

I love a channel called PencilStash.

How to choose colors for painting

The easiest way to create a coloring page you like (and actually complete) is to follow a color palette. Let’s say you found a palette of 5 to 10 colors that go well together. Then you don’t have to wonder which pen to use for each part of the drawing.

Just pick one from your palette!

Having a limited number of colors makes the drawing look harmonious and pleasant.

You can easily find color palettes on Pinterest. I also love the Design Seeds website for color combination ideas.

But hey, if you feel adventurous or just want to play – that’s fine too! Go for these crazy color combinations !! You never know what you can discover.

You can even go back and teach me a few lessons. 😀

Share with your friends

No matter how wild or simple it is, I absolutely love to see your creations. Share your version of this coloring page in our private Facebook community and you can inspire someone to create it. Or ask for help and feedback – we are here for you!

And if you like this kawaii doodle, please share it with your friends using the buttons below. 🙂

FREE Coloring Page – Halloween Kawaii Doodle – Printable PDF was first released in Tatyana Deniz.


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